Friday, June 8, 2007

Bum's Life! Chapter 17

Now I had Shakespeare under my belt, on unemployment insurance, so now I can experience the life of unemployed actor in New York. I didn't have to drive a cab anymore although that job gave me an insight that I didn't have before I drove. People mostly don't look at a cab driver as a human being but as part of the cab, especially in Manhattan. Their true nature comes out when they ride a cab because they will never see you again and even if they do, you are nothing more than a cab driver to them and cannot do anything for them.

The unemployment was just enough to pay bills like the rent, phone and electric. That’s all I had to pay and the rent was very cheap here in Astoria, Queens with rent control. For food I would make the rounds with my girlfriend in Manhattan to all the happy hours and fill up on the free food they would put out.

Well again no casting people saw my "Bottom" but it did enhance my belief that if I could just get a shot, I would go all the way. If I could light up an audience even with Shakespeare, then I was as good as any of these million dollar actors.

I was living in Queens with an actress that went to college for theater and was a great help in-pushing my career forward. In fact, we planned to produce a play off-off Broadway. At first we picked a couple of established one acts but after I had laid down borrowed money on the rental of a small off-off theater, the rights to the plays were pulled from us because the writer had a film coming out , so what to do? Write our own and put it up in 4 weeks?

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